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Guest Message by DevFuse

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Some come difficult, some come easy. But who the HELL cares? THAT, dear readers, is HOW YOU PLAY GOLF!!!

Posted by Yoshi64Mario, 23 January 2012 · 174 views

Today, it was straight to Star Yoshi, straight to Ring Attack, straight to Peach's Castle Grounds, and straight to Star Light, Star Bright for the last challenge of this course. This, was without a doubt, the hardest course today, and is RIGHT up there in difficuly.

You have to aim right in such a way you get through the first pipe on the right, popping out of the second pipe. Then aim almost 90 degrees left and quite a bit downwards to get into a second pipe, pop out of the other pipe, and then shoot JUST above the top of a tree to the green. I made it a few times, but most times that first shot completely screwed me up. No matter how I did it, if I didn't hit that ball almost dead-on PERFECT, it missed. And if it wasn't the first shot, it was that blasted tree.

I gave up, swapping out to Petey. Honestly, DON'T ASK.

So I tried Mario. Couldn't even make it to the pipe but it was in on the second shot with no problems. But sadly the tree got in the way. AGAIN.

So I gave up on using other characters and swapped back to Star Yoshi, which was what the guide reccomended. About to give up, I Googled for something a bit more... Detailed. And I found it: http://www.gamefaqs....tour/faqs/25171 (you'll have to scroll quite a bit to get to the Ring Attack walkthrough).

I sort of combined the two techniques and soon the tree was the only problem. A bit of adjusting soon sorted that issue out though.

That took so long I was wondering whether I should just leave the Bowser Badlands for another time, but decided to keep on going. Kinda glad I did, too.

Bewitched Bridge is the first challenge. I used the first guide's character, Star Koopa Troopa, and aimed to the fast fairway on the right, giving me quite a clear shot through the rings and onto the green. I mucked up the first go, but it was done on the second. NEXT!!

Bowser Jr.'s Breath. GAH. You have to aim to the small bit of land to the right and land on the fairway, curve the shot to go through the rings, and take one HELL of a long putt to get in the hole. I stuck with Star Yoshi this time around.

This was not easy. Especially when you want the FRONT of that island and the wind pushes you to near the BACK. I reset the hole a few times (just quit to the Main Menu, then re-enter) but I got the wind coming towards me for the first shot.

That worked out in my favor, knocking the ball very slightly towards the hole after the curve shot around the statue. This took a good 15 minutes to half an hour but it was eventually done with a darn good chip-in from JUST on the fairway and one shot to spare.

Sorry Bob-Omb is an interesting challenge. To get to the ring, you have to blow up the Bob-Omb. To do this, you need to aim on the lower part of the Bob-Omb so the ball gets bounced onto the broken bridge you've just shot over. The first guide used Star Petey, the second used Star Yoshi. I tried Yoshi first. Landing straight in front of the bridge, then hitting the Bob-Omb with no problems. I even got through the ring fine. The trouble was some bad landing and trying to get the ball onto the green, and then some bad putting.

So I swapped Yoshi for Petey, who could reach the Bob-Omb in one stroke (giving me one more to play with later). A few tries to hit the darn thing, but I made it. Through the ring and onto the green with no problems. I can't remember if I got a birdie or a par on this one.

The next challenge is Thwomp Romp. Star Yoshi for this one. It wasn't difficult to DO, just really painful to set up. The two guides both had a different way. One was curving the ball around the tower on the first shot, the other was smack it straight forward. I tried curving it first, to no success. So I tried smacking it straight foward.

After a few tries of both ways I finally got it to aim right through the middle of the rings. The downfall: The ball would go into the bunker. Ah well, can't have all wins. I took the shot and, sure enough, ended up in the bunker. Easily back onto the green and a quick putt. For once the putting bit was the least difficult part.

Wondering just how much I intended to finish off I took Star Yoshi to Needle Mountain Madness. Simple enough - hit the ball through the first ring, do that and you've got a good shot at the second ring, but aim it so the ball either JUST bounces or rolls through, too much and you go over the edge, then to the green and in.

This took a few tries, but overall is somewhat lacking in the difficulty department. By now time was marching on and I was giving serious consideration to leaving the last challenge to next time.

But, I took Star Petey to the very last, uncompleted challenge of the course and the game. And in the bluntest of terms, don't try this with anyone else, you need that height. Seriously.

Aim to the right and land on one HECK of a small island, mess up and the ball's in he lava. Don't get too dissappointed about missing the rings, you actually take them on your second shot, which puts your ball quite high and quite a bit of a drop to the green, IN TWO SHOTS. This has a par of FIVE.

About three tries and the fourth time, in on the Birdie putt. I waited to see if I had unlocked what I had strived for this whole time. And....

Posted Image

I DID IT. I D@MN WELL DID IT. New character unlocked! SHADOW MARIO!! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

This proved that one can use any combination of characters to complete Ring Attack mode, you just need to make sure you clear ALL challenges.

But it's not over yet folks! Far from it! There's still two more characters to unlock! But, I do believe I've earned at least a day off, don't you?

Looks like one goal's been completed, and now you can definitely take a break from all those rings. Now you've got to go for either Boo or Bowser Jr. I forget what you have to do in order to unlock Boo, but Bowser Jr is unlocked by completing that darn birdie challenge thing (the one that gave me the heeby jeebies).

So yeah, good work, and good luck for the future golfing antics you are bound to have!