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An Update about Nintendo 3DS Community: The site will be down from around midday on Sunday 12th of July 2014 for a server move/change. This will also affect Nintendo 3DS Daily, Wario Forums and any others.

Welcome to Talk Nintendo

Welcome to Talk Nintendo. This is a friendly community about the Nintendo and their games and you can take part simply and easily by joining. By doing this, you can post in the forums, play arcade games, start your own blog, download Nintendo music for free and much more. So join Talk Nintendo today, you won't regret it!

Additionally, joining Talk Nintendo gets rid of the ads.
Guest Message by DevFuse

3DS Community Guidelines

As far as rules go, this is a fairly laid back, peaceful community. As a result, if you follow the few rules we have here, you won’t run into any trouble and will have a great time here! But if we didn’t have any rules, then we would have lots of naughty members running amok. And nobody wants that. So here are the guidelines for the community.

1. No Spam
Obvious, but spam helps no one. What’s spam, you ask? In our eyes, spam can include, but is not limited to:

-1 word posts
-Posts or topics with no real meaning (e.g. posts that consist of nothing but emoticons)
-Advertising things such as other forums, products, or friend codes (yes, friend codes)

We have a board here for Forum Games, and the rules here are much more relaxed as posts in this board do not go towards your total post count. However, please be sensible, spamming in Forum Games is also not a good idea.

2. No attacking other members/flaming
Insults, bullying, excessive swearing for an aggressive purpose and any other form of abuse is not taken kindly to. If you are caught doing any of these, this will result in action being taken.

3. No trolling
It's just not welcome here, and we don't take kindly to trolls. That's it, no pressure. So no joke virus links or anything or constant Rick Rolls.

4. No illegal/inappropriate content
Stolen content from other sites cannot be posted here without the permission of the original author, or if it says said content is in the public domain (and such a notice must be found as stated explicitly on said other site). This means you can’t post text, pictures, videos or any other file from another forum/site on here without permission.

Of course, exceptions apply. Video game screenshots are basically fair use for this kind of site, as are video game music tracks, sprites and official artwork.

ROMs in general are banned from being discussed. You won't get banned for having used them or maybe mentioning you did once or twice, but when it gets to the point of a discussion about where to get them or how to bypass anti piracy measures, that's where the line is drawn and the topic closed/deleted, as well as action being taken. Posting links to such files will result with an immediate penalty, because we like to support Nintendo and their consoles by buying the games legitimately.

We also don’t like any inappropriate content popping up, such as images, videos or links to bad websites. This is a family friendly forum, and we intend to keep it that way. Such activity will be dealt with.

5. What starts elsewhere, stays elsewhere
We have no time for personal disputes, drama on other forums, organised trolling, raids, invasions or leaving topics. Such discussion will be deleted, and action will be taken.

And if you make a leaving topic, well… let’s just say we’ll make sure you never return. Okay, that was a poor joke, but come on, it was kind of clever!

6. No Fluff Posting
We don’t mind the occasional family friendly animated GIF or picture IF it’s appropriate to the topic and in good taste. Anything else is considered spam essentially, so if you want to use a meme or something, do so wisely.

We aren’t too fond of necroposting either. If a topic is two months old and not pinned, you shouldn’t post in it. Most of the major topics are pinned, in which case, you may post in those, regardless of date (but check to make sure it’s okay, just in case).

And that’s it for our guidelines. Hopefully we don’t sound too scary! Most of these rules are easy to abide by, and we aren’t overly strict or anything. If you trip up by mistake, we won’t go crazy, we’ll help you to avoid doing the same thing twice!

7. We do not censor 'appropriate' content

Basically, if it's relevant to the topic/forum/site and not spam. it's fine. We don't censor stuff purely because an idea is deemed 'stupid' or 'wrong', since even the most ridiculous fan ideas and comments can be grounds for interesting discussion.

This also applies for Nintendo 3DS Daily.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy your time at Nintendo 3DS Community!