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Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Item Guide

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Shop Items

Posted 11 July 2011 - 12:00 AM

Because the various items in this game have all kinds of uses, and some of them are pretty difficult to find and retrieve. So read on if you want to know how to use said items, as well as various tricks involving them.


All the items in the game, their uses and how to find them. This list is arranged in the order you should be finding the items if you're not using glitches or sequence breaking.


Posted Image

Young Link's first weapon and his equivalent to the bow, it's found in the Great Deku Tree as a dungeon item. As far as uses go, it's got a fair few of them, most the same as the bow. It can hit eye switches, stun certain enemies and take down enemies from a near infinite distance, despite at best being half as strong as the bow.


Posted Image

Exactly what the name says. Round cartoon bombs of the most exaggerated variety, which can be put down or thrown to blow stuff up Usually used for opening holes, smashing down cracked walls and feeding to Dodongos, these give you all the usefulness of the Bomb Flowers anywhere you like.They're a bit weak considering what they're meant to be though.


Posted Image

Young Link's final item (he really gets short changed in this game, doesn't he?) and a sort of equivalent to the Hookshot, this item is used to attack or stun enemies, and return to Link afterwards. Doesn't do much in the way of damage outside the dungeon it's found in, but I guess it's useful to stun enemies and make them easier to kill.

Also, it can pick up items like Gold Skulltulas and even Heart Pieces, taking them back to Link from a distance.


Posted Image

The first item Adult Link gets, and a fairly useful one at that. It's found as a reward for keeping up with Dampe's Ghost in a race beneath the graveyard, and is required to enter both the Forest, Fire and Water Temples among others.

Basically, it's an extending hook on a chain, which can pull stuff towards Link (like small objects and enemies), or him towards them (large enemies, crates, torches). It's a bit limited by its short length, but it's a very useful tool, if not great in regards to power.

You also get the Longshot, which basically replaces the Hookshot for good and allows you to grab things that are greater distances away. This is found in the Water Temple, from being Dark Link, and is required to solve many puzzles in the last part of the game.

Bow (normal arrows)

Found in the Forest Temple, the bow is Adult Link's main weapon. It's also the only one he can use on Epona, which renders it necessary for the Big Poe and Horseback Archery sidequests.

Uses are many. You can shoot down distant enemies. Hit switches (which can be affected by aiming your bow so the arrow say, goes through a torch to melt an ice switch), defeat enemies with no other weaknesses and generally come in useful throughout the adventure.

Fire Arrows

Posted Image

The first elemental arrows, these set things on fire when they hit. Yes, they use magic power, but they're necessary for certain puzzles, and are gained by shooting at the Sun as it rises over Lake Hylia (you need to be standing on a certain plaque).

Ice Arrows

Posted Image

The main optional item of the game, this is the reward for completing the Gerudo Training Ground. They're not really all that useful (although they do have an interesting effect when used against the boss Bongo Bongo), but I guess they look cool.

Light Arrows

Posted Image

The final elemental arrows, given to you by Zelda in the Temple of Time (just prior to entering Ganon's Castle). These are mystical weapons that can defeat great evils, like Ganon himself, and are absolutely vital for...

1. Defeating both Ganondorf and Ganon
2. Breaking the barriers in his castle
3. Easy money, because anything hit with them turns into a purple rupee worth fifty rupees.

Unfortunately, they're not one hit kill like in the Wind Waker.

Megaton Hammer

Posted Image

A giant freaking hammer found in the Fire Temple, and gained by defeating a Flare Dancer.There are various uses of this, the obvious, and the less obvious. For the most obvious, it's used a lot in the Fire Temple to solve puzzles by smashing rusted switches and statues, but it can also be used to smash red coloured boulders on the overworld and open up at least one Great Fairy Fountain.

Other uses for this include:

1. Opening grottoes, because it does everything a bomb will. Useful too, since you can't exactly run out of ammunition for a hammer.
2. Killing enemies quickly. It's basically the poor man's version of the Biggoron Sword, and doesn't break like the Giants Knife. This comes in useful... okay, required when you have to face Ganon in the final battle, who has to have his tail attacked and has sent your Master Sword outside of a ring of fire.Never the less, a great weapon.

Lens of Truth

Posted Image

A magic magnifying glass, this lets you see through illusions. It's gained by defeating the Dead Hand mini boss in the Bottom of the Well dungeon. In theory, this item is entirely optional, since it only shows what objects are real and fake, not make anything actually appear or disappear, and you can get through the Shadow Temple without it fairly easily.

Good luck with the Haunted Wasteland though.

Basically, it's a semi optional item that is highly recommended for many dungeons and sidequests, as well as 'cheating' the treasure chest game.

Magic Spells

About the three spells who unlock in the game.

Farore's Wind

Posted Image

A warp spell which is usually only usable in dungeons. It's fairly simple to use, the first cast sets a point to return to, and the second use will either warp you to that point (erasing the warp point) or dispel it and allow you to place it where you currently are.

There are two reasons to use this...

1. In case you exit the dungeon for a sidequest and need to get back to your current point in a hurry. Especially useful in the Shadow Temple.

2. In case you die or quit the game, which puts you at the beginning of the dungeon.

However, it also has it's uses in the overworld, if you use a glitch. Want to use it anywhere, to make a sort of fake warp song to end up anywhere in the world? Follow these instructions.

1. Put the spell on one button (like X or Y), and an item you can use outside dungeons (aka, anything else) on the other button.
2. Go to the item menu. Switch the buttons, and repeatedly start mashing the button you set Farore's Wind to.
3. While still doing this, exit the item menu with the touch screen option.
4. If you managed to hit the button for the item on JUST the right frame after the game resumes, you'll cast the spell wherever you are at the moment.
5. Profit!

So why do this? Well, you can:

1. Set it to warp you to say, Kakariko Village centre or Link's House instantly.
2. Get the fishing rod outside the fishing pond
3. Cheat the treasure chest game and get fifty free rupees for it
4. Get to Ganon's Castle quickly without passing through the market
5. Get into timed areas like Dante's Grave, presumably without the timer.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work through time, so you can't just go back seven years and end up in deep in the Forest/Water/Shadow Temple, or Ganon's Castle, nor end up in Adult Link only areas as a kid.

You get this spell by blowing up some boulders in Zora's Fountain to enter a fairy fountain. You get the spell from the Great Fairy, by playing Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol.

Din's Fire

Posted Image

An attack spell which generates an expanding field of fire around Link. It's got a few required uses in the game, such as lighting lots of torches at once, and it's especially required to enter that damn Shadow Temple.So you'll need it, and might as well get it soon. To get this, go to Hyrule Castle (in the past) and destroy a rock by the wall/cliff. That leads to a Fairy Fountain. Do what you did for the last spell.

It's got a lot of uses in fighting monsters too, it's a quick way to kill Gibdos and the like, as well as any Anubis if you're using Young Link. And Wallmasters.

Nayru's Love

Posted Image

The final spell, a protective force field gained from the Great Fairy in the Desert Colossus. It's an interesting one to say the least.

Why? Because it prevents damage, but not knock back. So while for most enemies it's a useful backup option (especially in the double damage causing Master Quest), for those like Iron Knuckles it can be a bit irritating due to how they still send you flying across the room (albeit without damage).

It also works interestingly, because you don't just turn it on and off at will like say, the Lens of the Truth. Instead, it takes some magic, and then stays active for about ten minutes or so, eventually getting weaker and fading away.Still, you need this for its sheer usefulness, so here's where to find it. Go to the Desert Colossus. There will be a crack in the wall between two palm trees, so open the gap with a bomb (possibly also the Megaton Hammer?) to find a Fairy Fountain. You know how to use it, go in and play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol.


All about the swords in the game. Only one of these really requires much effort to get however.

Kokiri Sword

Posted Image

The main sword in the game if you're Young Link, and gained quickly from the start of the game. Indeed, you find it in a small maze with a single boulder as an obstacle. It's not much of a sword (see the chart for how much power each weapon has), but it's good enough to take care of the enemies you encounter early on.

Master Sword

Posted Image

The legendary sword which acts as the main 'treasure' of the game, you find it in the Temple of Time. And not to try and spoil too much, but you can only wield it as Adult Link, for a reason related to more than just the swords size and game mechanics.It's about twice as strong as the Kokiri Sword, and is required to defeat Ganon in the final boss battle. It also acts as Adult Link's default weapon for most of his quest.

Biggoron Sword

Posted Image

An enormous sword you get from Biggoron, it's an extremely powerful sword gained from a long, tedious trading quest, but thankfully you can get it right before the Forest Temple, assuming you get Epona.

First of all, here's how to get it, via the sidequest:

1. Go to Kakariko Village and talk to the lady who asked you to round up her cuccos as a kid. She'll give the egg. Wait a day or so for it to hatch (or play the Sun's Song), and go show the hatched Pocket Cucco to Talon (he's the ranch owner sleeping in one of the houses). He'll wake up, and this will also make the cucco happy. Take it back to the lady, and she'll give you Cojiro, a rare blue cucco.

2.Now, this is a confusing step. So go to the LOst Woods, go left once (or right in Master Quest), and you'll see a strange looking blue guy. You'll probably remember him, he was found under a tree in Kakariko Village seven years ago. Show him the Cucco to cheer him up and get him to give you an Odd Mushroom.

3. This next one is a timed trade, which means if you take too long, the Mushroom will go off. And worse still, you have to go to a pretty hard to find secret shop to trade it for the next item. So go and return to Kakariko Village (it helps if you have Epona), and go to the potion shop. Now, go through the back door, and go into the door the other side of the yard. This is a secret potion shop run by granny, and might be important later. Show her the mushroom to get a potion.

4. Take the potion back to the Lost Woods. The guy who was there earlier is now gone, and a kokiri (called Fado apparently) is standing by the tree stump instead. She'll demand the potion because it's made of forest ingredients, and trade it for a saw called the Poachers Saw.

5. You probably know the character this is for (the carpenter boss), so go to Gerudo Valley. This isn't timed thankfully. Show the man outside the tent the saw and he'll trade it for the Broken Goron Sword. As you may also have guessed, this is the item which Biggoron will make into the Biggoron Sword.

6. So you need to go to the top of Death Mountain. Some people (idiots usually) will tell you to go up the path past the falling boulders and skulltulas, but that's the long way. Instead, go to Goron City, and then past the statue in Darunia's room, which leads to the Death Mountain Crater. It's hot in here, which limits your time, so hurry and follow the path to another exit. Go outside and you'll see Biggoron wake up. Show him the Broken Goron Sword.

7. However, before he can repair it, he needs eye drops, and he'll give you the prescription. You have to take this to King Zora in Zora's Domain (you need blue fire for this, although you can buy it from the shop if you haven't yet explored the Ice Cavern). Go there and talk to him to get the Eyeball Frog. Oh boy, another timed trade!

8. This is when you need to rush to Lake Hylia. However, don't warp, it instantly causes the item to go off (or at least, reduces it to a second remaining). Instead, run along the path of Zora's River to quickly end up in Hyrule Field, and take Epona to Lake Hylia. Here, you need to enter the laboratory and talk to the professor inside. He'll initially want to eat the frog for some strange reason, but you persuade him to make it into Eyedrops for Biggoron. You know what's coming.

9. So off you go to Death Mountain. You know the route, although you can also use the magic bean plant to get up part of the route quicker. Give Biggoron the Eyedrops.

10. Now, you'll get the Claim Check. This item is entirely useless for most purposes, just a certificate needed for Biggoron to give you the sword. So play the Sun's Song about six time to fast forward to the correct time.

11. Finally, you'll get the Biggoron Sword

So now you've got the sword, what's it like? Well to be honest, the best sword in the game.

Kills most enemies in one or two hits, and bosses in about as many too. Unfortunately, you can't use your shield with this at the same time, but a use of Nayru's Love should make that redundant.


Deku Shield

Posted Image

A basic wooden shield, which needs to be bought to enter the Great Deku Tree dungeon. It costs 40 rupees, and unfortunately there's no shortcut in this case, so get rounding up that money!

As for effectiveness, it depends. It's fairly solid as far as standing attacks, and is the only shield that Young Link can actually use as a proper Shield (aka, the only one which he can use to reflect rocks back at Deku Scrubs and Octoroks). However, it's easily burnt, limiting its usefulness.If you lose the shield, you can buy a replacement at the same place you bought the first one.

Hylian Shield

Posted Image

A far sturdier, metal shield. Oddly enough, it's also the only piece of gear which both Young and Adult Link can use, albeit differently.

For Young Link, it covers most of his body when he defends, and works to defend against all damage. Interestingly, it also seems to break the laws of physics, since King Dodongo can run over Link when he's using it and Link won't even get hurt.

For Adult Link on the other hand, it acts like a normal shield, held out in front to defend against attacks. It can be used to reflect octorok and deku attacks back like the Deku Shield could for Young Link. So, how to get one? Well, there are two real ways:

1. Look around Kakariko Graveyard and pull back a certain headstone to find a chest with a Hylian Shield inside. If you need help knowing which one, it has flowers in front of it.

2. Buy it in Hyrule Castle Town Market. You know, from the Bazaar. It costs 80 rupees normally, but if you talk to the guard at the entrance to the Death Mountain Trail though, you can get a discount and buy it for just 50.However, it can get eaten by a Like Like, forcing you to buy another. If this happens as Adult Link, you can buy one in the bazaar, which has now moved to Kakariko Village.

Mirror Shield

Posted Image

The final shield, and one of the best. You find it for defeating the Iron Knuckle mini boss as Adult Link, in the Spirit Temple.

It's a normal shield, except:

1. Like Likes can't eat it, for obvious reasons.
2. It can reflect light to solve puzzles involving mirrors
3. It can reflect elemental attacks, like those of the boss Twinrova.


Posted Image

Link's clothing and what the different versions do

Standard Tunic

Link's normal clothing, which has no real special effects and is what Link wears for the entirety of his childhood. It's nothing special, and there's not really much point to wearing it once you get the others, but it can't be stolen by a Like Like.

Goron Tunic

A red tunic. There are multiple ways of getting this, but the intended way is both easy and free.

So to get this item, you have to return to Goron City as Adult Link, and bomb the lone Goron

rolling around. He turns out to be Darunia's son, also named Link, and you have to persuade him that rightly you're not affiliated with Ganondorf. Do so, and he'll give you the Goron Tunic for free, as well as opening up the shop in case you need a replacement.

Interestingly, it offers increased protection from fire based attacks and obstacles, allowing you to not take damage from lava for a short while.

Zora Tunic

The blue tunic in the game, allowing you to stay underwater indefinitely. It's fairly useless without the Iron Boots, but with them acts as the only practical way to get through the Water Temple.

To get a free one of these, you need to collect some Blue Fire from the Ice Cavern, and take

it back to Zora's Domain. Then, go to King Zora, who happens to be trapped in some red ice, and use the Blue Fire to thaw him out. He'll give you a free Zora tunic as thanks for saving him.

Unfortunately, this has no secondary special effects like the Goron Tunic.


Footwear that's usually found as a dungeon item for whatever odd reason. Thankfully, the interface for using these items is much, much better in the 3DS version. This is because the two types of boots you find as items can be used on the X, Y or touch screen buttons instead of having to go into the gear menu to switch between them. This makes the situation with the Water Temple much, much better than it was in the Nintendo 64 one.

Kokiri Boots

Normal boots with no effects. These are defaults and are automatically equipped when the game begins.

Iron Boots

Posted Image

Extremely heavy metal boots which make Link walk extremely slowly, these are found as the dungeon item in the Ice Cavern, gained by defeating a White Wolfos (a Stalfos in Master Quest).

They have two main uses:

1. To go underwater for long periods of time. This is an ability that's vital to beating the Water Temple, and to a much lesser extent, exactly one of the rooms in the Gerudo Training Ground.

2. To walk through powerful winds. Most useful in the Shadow Temple and Ganon's Castle.

Once one of the most irritating items in the game, the fact they're just normal button items now makes using and switching between them and the normal boots much, much easier.

Hover Boots

Posted Image

Magical boots which let Link walk on thin air for a short time. They look pretty strange too, with the wings on them and the ridiculously bright colours.

Never the less, you get them from defeating the second Dead Hand mini boss, located in the Shadow Temple. They're vital for a few things, such as crossing some of the gaps in the Shadow Temple, but otherwise have quite a few options for using them.

You can use them when fighting Bongo Bongo as to not feel the force of the drum being hammered by the boss' hands.

To make a few gaps easier to cross in the Shadow Temple, as well as get exactly one of the silver rupees.

Finally, you can use them to cross the river of sand in the Haunted Wasteland. It's not quite the quickest option, the Longshot gets you over a bit faster, but it works. Interestingly, it works slightly different here, in that you sort of jump up and across the quick sand, not stand on a light made temporary platform.

Be warned though, these boots cause Link to slide around on normal ground. It's not too much of a problem in most cases, but it does still cause the problems that having Link constantly walking on ice would cause.


All minor 'items' which are automatically equipped when found.

Goron's Bracelet

Posted Image

A bracelet which lets you pick Bomb Flowers. You get this for playing Saria's Song to Darunia.

Silver Gauntlets

Posted Image

Gauntlets which let you move heavy objects. In this case, it allows you to move large silver blocks in the Spirit Temple, and lift up certain rocks in the overworld. Only works for Adult Link.You get this for defeating the Iron Knuckle mini boss in the Spirit Temple as Young Link.

Golden Gauntlets

Posted Image

The final strength boosting item, it's gained in a certain room of Ganon's Castle (Shadow barrier room in original, Spirit barrier room in Master Quest), and lets you lift gigantic black obelisks. Not much use here, other than opening the Light barrier one, a puzzle in the Fire barrier one and getting the upgrade that allows you to take half damage from obstacles.

Silver Scale

Posted Image

A silver Zora scale which lets Link dive for longer. About 5 seconds in this case. To get it, you need to win the diving game in Zora's Domain. And by 'need', I mean that. This item is compulsory to finish the game and get the first required bottle.

Golden Scale

Posted Image

A gold scale which lets you dive underwater for about eight seconds. To get this one, you need to catch a record breaking fish at the Fishing Pond as Adult Link.Interestingly, this works for both Young and Adult Link when attained.

Shard of Agony

Posted Image

A useful item which shows a symbol (the item itself appears on the top of the screen and glows) when Link is near a secret, like a secret grotto. It replaces the Stone of Agony due to the 3DS not having rumble functionality.

Get it by killing 20 Gold Skulltulas and collecting their tokens, then speak to the freed member of the Skulltula family.


Deku Nuts

Posted Image

The Hylian equivalent to Duck Tape, these all useful items are used to stun enemies. That doesn't sound great? Well, they can let you take down Stalfos, Gerudo Soldiers and Dark Link in a pretty short amount of time by stunning them with the flash effect.

Deku Sticks

Posted Image

Wooden sticks. Used to light torches (go from near a lit torch to a non lit one), and also to defeat enemies as Young Link because they're actually stronger than the Kokiri Sword for some reason.

Magic Beans

Posted Image

You know those beans from the Jack and the Beanstalk fairytale? Yeah, like those, with much the same effect.

Plant them as a kid, wait seven years, and they've grown into a flying beanstalk plant which carries Link all around the place as many times as he wants. You know, to get heart pieces and other out of the way items.

You can only get these from the bean seller in Zora's River, and only then as Young Link. They also go up by price each time they're bought, by a ten rupee difference each time.

Heck, he even has the cheek to say it's because they're getting more popular, despite you being the only buyer! Ah well, you've got to buy some of them for heart pieces and stuff. And in practice, that means buying all ten.


Posted Image

Bombs that are shaped like mice and that which go forward and up walls automatically. They're used to solve puzzles and defeat enemies, especially in Master Quest, and can be gotten in a few different ways:

1. By being found in treasure chests in certain dungeons.
2. Being bought in the Bombchu Shop in Hyrule Castle Town's back alley in the past. Note that this store runs out of stock regularly, and will never get more in.
3. A reward from one of the freed kids in the House of Skulltula
4. Bought for 200 rupees for a pack of ten from a merchant riding a flying carpet in the Haunted Wasteland. If you run out, this is unfortunately the only place you can get them, since this guy is the only person who has an unlimited stock of them. In other words, if you mess up in Master Quest, it's gonna cost a TON.


Posted Image

Empty bottles can carry various items, like potions, fairies (revive when defeated automatically), poe souls and milk. There are four in the game for whatever reason (what, are bottles rare in Hyrule?), and they are found via doing the following:

1. Go to Lake Hylia. There's a bottle with a letter in it, so dive down and collect it. Take it to King Zora to open up the third dungeon and keep the bottle minus the letter.

2. Go to Lon Lon Ranch. Talon hosts a mini game involving Cuccos, and winning gives you another bottle. Here you need to find three 'super' Cuccos, so my advice is to round up the others by throwing them behind the desk.

3. Find all the Cuccos in Kakariko Village and take them back to the pen. Talk to the lady standing by there.

4. As an Adult, give the Poe Collector the souls of all ten Big Poes found in Hyrule Field.

As for what can be stored in the bottles, I mentioned Poe Souls, but the others are:

Potions. There are three colours, red, green and blue. These restore your health, magic and both respectively. The first two can be bought from various shops for various amounts of rupees, the blue ones have to be bought in granny's potion shop, a secret potion shop which only opens for business once you bring back the odd mushroom.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Milk. Restores about five hearts, has two parts per bottle. Can be gotten by winning the

Posted Image

Super Cucco mini game, bought from Talon, or gotten free by playing Epona's Song near a cow.

Fairies. Small creatures (winged humanoids) which can either be used as a potion equivalent, or left in the bottle. If left in the bottle, they'll auto revive Link when he dies and restore him to full health automatically.

Bugs, which are... well, bugs. They're used to drive out Gold Skulltulas by releasing them near magic bean planting spots.

Fish. Yes, you can catch fish in a bottle, and they're used to let you enter Jabu Jabu's Belly.

Posted Image

Blue Fire, which is a harmless blue type of fire found in the Ice Cavern and Ganon's Castle. It comes in useful because it melts red ice.Ocarina and Songs

Posted Image

Fairy Ocarina

The basic Ocarina Young Link gets from Saria when he ventures into Hyrule Field, it's just a basic ocarina.

Ocarina of Time

Posted Image

The ocarina mentioned in the game's title, this is a powerful treasure of the royal family. Zelda drops it in the moat when fleeing Hyrule Castle, and you have to collect it to open the door of Time in the Temple of Time. It permanently replaces the Fairy Ocarina when you collect it.


Numerous songs exist in the game, and are learnt by copying the controls at the correct point in the game. Always keep in mind that when you go to learn a song, you cannot exit the menu until you do actually learn it.

Zelda's Lullaby

The default tune, this song is learnt from Princess Zelda when Link meets her as a child in the Hyrule Castle courtyard. It's got various uses, such as opening Darunia's room, draining the interior of the well, changing the water level in the Spirit Temple and various other stuff.

Song notes/sequence: x a y x a y

Saria's Song

A catchy tune learnt from Saria when you encounter her in the Sacred Forest Meadow, it's required to get Darunia's co operation and the Goron Bracelet, as well as various heart pieces. Using it also allows you to ask Saria (and Navi) for assistance.

Song notes/sequence: R Y X R Y X

Sun's Song

A song you learn from a message in the Royal Family's Tomb, its purpose is to change the time. This goes from midday to midnight and vice versa each time you play the song, and hence you have to play it twice to skip a whole day.It also stuns Redeads and Gibdos, which is much appreciated.

Song notes/sequence: Y R A Y R A

Song of Storms

An Ominous song learnt from the windmill operator in Kakariko Village, its purpose seems to be to bring about storms and rain. In game, that means it has one required use... to drain the well in Young Link's time as to bring about a sort of stable time loop and enter the Bottom of the Well dungeon.

Song notes/sequence: L R A L R A

Song of Time

The magical song used to get the Master Sword, this has a few uses, namely to remove and add giant blue blocks.

Very overused in Master Quest.

Song notes/sequence: Y L R Y L R

Epona's Song

An optional song used to call Epona, it's learnt from Malon by vising Lon Lon Ranch as Young Link. Later, you use this to call over and ride Epona, and when you've won Epona and escaped from the ranch, the song will cause Epona to rush towards Link.

Song notes/sequence: A X Y A X Y

Minuet of Forest

The first of the warp songs, it warps Link to the Sacred Forest Meadow from anywhere on the overworld.

Song notes/sequence: L A X Y X Y

Bolero of Fire

Another warp song, it warps Link to Death Mountain Crater from anywhere on the overworld.

Song notes/sequence: R L R L Y R Y R

Serenade of Water

Warps Link to Lake Hylia (namely, an island near the Water Temple).

Song notes/sequence: L R Y Y X

Nocturne of Shadow

Teleports Link to the graveyard. More precisely, it leaves him on the small ledge with the entrance to the Shadow Temple, and is the only way for Link to enter the dungeon.

Song notes/sequence: X Y Y L X Y R

Requiem of Spirit

Warps Link to the Desert Colossus. Used so Young Link doesn't have to cross the Haunted Wasteland.

Song notes/sequence: L R L Y R L

Prelude of Light

Teleports Link to the Temple of Time.

Song notes/sequence: A Y A Y X A

The above are mostly taught by Sheik in the location the song warps you to, except for the Nocturne of Shadow. That one is taught by Sheik in Kakariko Village, since you can't get to the Shadow Temple entrance without it.


All upgrades in the game. Note that I won't say which gives you the larger upgrade, since the order in which you get the below upgrades is irrelevant. So if you somehow beat Horseback Archery first, you'll just get the Big Quiver from it, and the Biggest one from the Shooting Gallery.

All other upgrades work the same one.

Quiver Upgrades

Posted Image

Big Quiver (holds 40 arrows) and Biggest Quiver (holds 50 arrows). Beat one of these for the former, then the other for the latter.

1. Shoot all targets in the Shooting Gallery as Adult Link.

2. Get at least 1500 points in Horseback Archery at the Gerudo Training Ground. You must have already got the Piece of Heart first.

Bullet Seed (slingshot) upgrades

Gives you the ability to have 40 or 50 ammo for the slingshot at any one time.

1. Shoot the bullseye symbol hanging from a tree in the Lost Woods, and receive it from the Deku Scrub.
2. Win the archery game in Hyrule Castle Town market as Young Link.

Bomb Bags

Posted Image

Big Bomb Bag (holds 30 bombs) and Biggest Bomb Bag (holds 40 bombs)

1. Stop Hot Rodder Goron, a large Goron who's rolling around Goron City in Young Link's time.
2. Win at the Bombchu Bowling Alley (in Young Link's time). Sometimes a Bomb Bag is the prize.


Adults Wallet: Defeat 10 Gold Skulltulas, talk to the freed child in the House of Skulltula
Giant's Wallet: Defeat 30 Skulltulas, talk to the freed child in the House of Skulltula

Deku Stick Upgrades

For 20 and 30 sticks respectively...

1. Drop down and go under the bridge, defeating the Business Scrub. Buy the upgrade from him
2. Go to the Forest Stage while wearing the Skull Mask, and they'll give you the upgrade.

Deku Nut Upgrades

30 and 40 Deku Nuts can be carried respectively.

1. Bomb the boulder in the screen below the Sacred Forest Meadow and buy it from the Scrub inside.
2. Visit the Deku Scrubs in a grotto in the Lost Woods while wearing the Mask of Truth.


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Part of a fairly short sidequest involving mask selling, start out from the Mask Shop in the market with the Keaton Mask and go from there.

Keaton Mask

A mask of a fox like creature called a Keaton, it has no effects on Young Link. You have to sell it to the Death Mountain Trail Gate Guard for fifteen rupees and return to the Mask Shop for the next one.

Skull Mask

A mask shaped like a skull. Likely made from a skull, it has a few interesting side effects... you won't be attacked by Keese, you can get a Deku Stick upgrade on the Deku Forest Stage...

Sell it to the Skull Kid in the Lost Woods. Unfortunately, you have to take a loss here.

Spooky Mask

A mask that looks eerily close to the face of a Redead. It needs to be sold to the young boy in the graveyard. Unfortunately, has no effects regarding Redeads or Gibdos (or anything else).

Bunny Hood

A hat shaped like a rabbit head with ears. It stops Stalchildren appearing from Hyrule Field at night, and you sell it to the Marathon Man in Hyrule Field. Interestingly, he gives you enough rupees for it to completely fill up your wallet, theoretically up to 500.

Gerudo Mask

A mask that looks like a Gerudo, which simply gets reactions from people.

Goron Mask

A mask that looks like a Goron, again to change people's reactions.

Zora Mask

A mask that looks like a Zora. No functional use other than changing people's reactions.

Mask of Truth

An interesting mask, this allows you to talk to Gossip Stones for information, and receive an upgrade from the Deku Scrubs at the Forest Stage.

Item Strength

The Spin Attack and Jump Attack do double the damage that a normal sword slash would.

Other than that...

The Master Sword is twice as powerful as the Kokiri Sword.

The Giant's Knife and Biggoron's Sword are twice as powerful as the Master Sword.

These items are as strong as the Master Sword:

  • Normal Arrow
  • Fire Arrow
  • Ice Arrow
  • Light Arrow
  • Bomb
  • Bombchu
  • Megaton Hammer
  • Hookshot
  • Deku Stick
These are as strong as the Kokiri Sword:

  • Broken Giant's Knife
  • Slingshot
  • Boomerang
Apparently, Din's Fire is as strong as the Biggoron's Sword.


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Thanks for this. Nice and useful for when trying to get something and not remembering how to get it.

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No problem. Anyone else like this guide?


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